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XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester



      The XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester is an updated product of the XQ-1 Fiber Tensile Tester. The operation of the tester is controlled by the computer, and during a tensile test the real time force-elongation curve is displayed on the computer screen. The measured data are analyzed and saved in the computer.
      The XQ-1 Fiber Tensile Tester is up to the international fiber testing standard. It is characteristic of pneumatic clamp, automation and high efficiency. The apparatus is used to implement the tensile test of single dry/wet fiber. The force measurement range can be selected 0-100cN, 0-20cN, or 0-200cN. The gauge between the upper and lower clamps is 10-50mm. The lower clamp moving range is 100mm.
      XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester has been developed to measure the fiber tensile properties. It is used to implement the tensile test of a dry/wet fiber, and to display the measured individual value, mean value, variation coefficient of fiber breaking force, breaking elongation, and force at specified elongation. The measured results including the tensile curve can be printed through printer or graph-plotter connected with the tensile tester.


XQ-1A & XD-1 Measure the Fiber Tensile Properties

      The XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester is connected with the XD-1 Vibration Fiber Fineness Tester. The fiber breaking force-breaking elongation, force at specified elongation, modulus, and specific work of the fiber are calculated automatically. This method is recommended by BISFA as a first adopted fiber tensile test method.
     The XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester is characteristic of automation, precision, and high stability. With the pneumatic clamp the tester can be operated conveniently. Thus the operating errors can be reduced, and the working efficiency is improved.
      This apparatus is up to the national standard GB/T14337, the international standard ISO5079, and the normative measuring method of BISFA. It can be used to test the tensile properties of natural and man-made fibers. Therefore, it is widely used in textiles manufactories,fiber-testing inspection bureau, and scientific research institutions, etc. 

   Technical Data

(a) Force measurement range:  0100 cN, 020 cN, 0200 cN

(b) Force error:      ≤±1%

(c) Force precision:    0.01 cN ; 0.1 cN

(d) Extension measurement range:  100 mm

(e) Extension error:       0.05 mm

(f) Elongation precision:     0.1%

(g) Test speed:        1100, and 2200 mm/min

(h) Lower clamp moving range:    100 mm

(I) Power:       220V~±10%

(J) Weight:      45kg

     (k) Size:          540×434×560 mm

Method of Operation

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