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Located at the Donghua University Science and Technology Park in Lane 365 of Shanghai Xinhua Road, the Shanghai New Fiber Instrument Co., Ltd. has gained  achievements in development of textile measurement technology and science research. Especially, the successfully developed XQ Fiber Tensile Tester is one of the most widely used instruments in domestic fiber production or investigation corporations. When connected with the XD-1 Fiber Fineness Tester, the XQ Fiber Tensile Tester can be used to measure the strength, elongation, linear density, tenacity, modulus, force at specified elongation, and specific work of the fiber, etc. The force-elongation curve is displayed by the computer connected with the instrument and the data are saved as well. The Fiber Tensile Tester also can be applied to the tensile tests of wet rayon fibers, the high-tenacity high-modulus aramid fibers, carbon fibers, metal fibers, glass fibers, engineering staple fibers and the pre-oriented filament for the quality control in fiber production. The recently developed new instruments, such as the XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester and XCP-1 Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester, thoroughly update the traditional manual testing mode. Adopting digital-based technology, they can measure the thermal shrinkage and crimp ratio of the fiber more objectively and precisely than before.  In general, the XQ Fiber Tensile Tester, XD-1 Fiber Fineness Tester, XH-1 Fiber Thermal Shrinkage Tester, XCP-1A Fiber Crimp Elasticity Tester, and XQ-1B Pre-oriented Filament Tensile Tester construct a group of integrated, techno-advanced synthetic fiber testing system. They provide modern testing methods for the evaluation of fiber products, and for the quality control in fiber production effectively and efficiently.

With the development of computer technology, the existing products have been updated. The lately developed apparatus, such as the XQ-1A Fiber Tensile Tester, XQ-2 Fiber Tensile Tester, XG-1A Engineering Fiber Tensile Tester, XL-1A Yarn Tensile Tester, XL-2 Yarn Tensile Tester, and XN-1A Spandex Filament Tensile Tester, are all operated by the computer, including the function controlling, parameter setting, and data analyzing and saving. This is another improvement of the apparatus to be more advanced and automatic.


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